«If God blesses me, I bless others»

When we learned his story, we couldn’t believe it. We did not understand why a person with the needs that she had and in the situation in which she was, would use part of the support she received to do something and give it to people she does not know. The answer is clear, the goodness of humanity has no limits.

Narobis Manotas, a Venezuelan Colombian woman, returned to the department of La Guajira a couple of months ago, after living in the neighboring country for most of her life. She arrived at the home of a brother with her son and a minor granddaughter with disabilities, in the midst of perhaps one of the most complex crises in recent years: the mixture between the migration of thousands of Venezuelan citizens in Colombia and the COVID-19 pandemic, not counting their health conditions and the high rates of xenophobia that occur.

She arrived in Maicao in November 2019, hoping to improve her economic situation, get a job and have something to eat and be able to pay for the medications she must take for the chronic diabetes she suffers. Which has not been easy at all. From one moment to another the perspective changed; This unknown virus was added, businesses closed, schools, restaurants, everything closed, as well as the possibilities of a job at a time like this.

“A brother who sold food, now due to the pandemic, cannot work. He was left with nothing. He spoke to a girl who ordered a quick meal and told her that she had a sick sister. She told him to come to Save the Children, without committing to anything. » This is how Mrs. Manotas came to characterize the VenEsperanza project, led by Mercy Corps, IRC, World Vision and Save the Children, which seeks to help families meet some basic needs they may have in the midst of this crisis.

“The procedure was done, they treated me, they took my data, and precisely the day they called me to tell me that I could get paid, I had not done anything at home because I had nothing at that time and I was very happy, I thanked him to God, the person who told me sent me to trust the store because I already had what to pay for and then eat. ”, she is grateful.

Even so, after receiving their contribution, not only did she pay what she owed in the neighborhood store, she also got fabric, threads and elastic and made 100 face masks, so that other vulnerable families protect themselves from COVID-19. “What motivated me to give a little of what I know how to do? Well, if God blesses me, I bless others, and there are 100 lives that we can win if we are obedient. It is a small grain of sand for this pandemic ”.

More people with hearts like Narobis’s are the ones we need in the world, grateful people who want to help others and who bring out the positive side and a smile to the adversities that life puts on them.

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