We support data collection for Rapid Needs Assessment to COVID-19

Taking into account that there is a large number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela in Colombia. The Interagency Group on Mixed Migration Flows – GIFMM; which Save the Children belongs to, has responded to coordinate the attention to this population.  We participated in the collection of information about their situation in the context of the COVID-19, and the measures of prevention and response to the pandemic, to know the main needs of the population.

Luis Caroprese, Coordinator of MERA for Save the Children’s Emergency projects, explained to us why this type of evaluation is necessary, he said: «We need to understand very quickly what is the effect or the impact that this situation is causing to the population to be able to identify which are the main violations, and see how from any of the 7 sectors of Save The Children, a response can be devised by identifying action cases and opportunities.”

Additionally, he also mentioned the importance of these assessments for the work of the organization and the donors. “One of the functions that these kinds of assessments have is to allow us to tell a donor or a potential donor: this is the diagnosis of the population; we need certain resources to meet these needs. Also helps to know what happened, how the population is adapting and know how we are going to adapt.”

Among the main findings are that 46% of households are not carrying out any activity with children. A large majority (97%) do not have access to or own a computer. In addition, 7% of the surveyed households report having coexistence problems during the quarantine, of these, 23% report having coexistence issues with children and 18% with their partner.

Note: More than 700 interviews were carried out by all the agencies, of which SC contributed 150 phone interviews.

Click HERE To learn more and see the complete document and results!

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