We don’t stop in times of crisis

On March 24 of this year, the operation of the country, as we knew it, changed completely. The virus, which they talked about so many weeks ago in the news, landed in Colombia. The recommendation, considering the ease of contact, apart from constantly washing our hands, was to stay at home and try to limit contact with other people. No meetings, no parties, no social contact. So at Save the Children Colombia: we adapt.

Adapting means that a living being «modifies some of its characteristics or has characteristics that allow it to develop in a different place or situation than the original or ideal». And that is what we have done: Adapted to the situation caused by COVID-19 to continue helping children, adolescents and their families, in every corner of the country where we are. Adapt to continue reaching, through our projects, the largest number of communities. Reach # UntilTheLastBoyandGirl

Quarantine has not been an impediment to continue working. From home, by phone or video calls, we continue to support and do everything in our power for the true heroes: our companions in the territory. Without rest and from day one, our teams in Arauca, La Guajira, Nariño, Norte de Santander and Valle del Cauca, have continued to work to ensure that communities in these areas of the country manage to improve their quality of life in times of crisis .

«The intention we have had as a team is to adapt our actions in the context of the emergency caused by COVID-19. We continue to provide enabling tools, using different instruments such as the radio, as a pedagogical tool. We know that there are barriers and gaps in access to educational materials, due to the lack of internet that communities have. We adapt our actions to respond to these types of needs, such as the lack of connectivity that some remote regions have. We want that education does not stop for boys and girls, and that as far as possible they continue in their regular process “Julián Cortés, Coordinator of Education in Emergencies in Arauca.

We just have to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your willingness, your energy to continue working, your concern for so many children and their families. Each one has looked for a way to keep in touch with the participants, a weight of the limitations of connectivity. Thank you, because despite the fact that they are exposing their lives, the deliveries of humanitarian aid have not stopped.

By: Gustavo Doria




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