Investing in children is investing in a country’s development

Having a child should not be an easy task, they say that pain is comparable to breaking several bones in your body. Many returned Venezuelan and Colombian women have not had the possibility of being treated in dignified conditions when having their children, so they have had to endure physical and emotional pain without the accompaniment of specialists.

In a place, clean, fresh and above all managed by excellent professionals, our Medical Unit of Sexual and Reproductive Health, attends every day to pregnant women, newborn children, breastfeeding babies and women who want access to family planning mechanisms.

«I arrived in Colombia, being pregnant I didn’t know that I had to go to the doctor for check-ups, nobody had told me that it was necessary. I am 17 years old and the baby’s father is 18, we did not know that having a child was so difficult or I would have taken more care of myself. When we arrived at the Health Unit, I was very well taken care of, the guard was the one who saw us pass in front of it and told us to go in, the social workers explained the whole process to us, the doctor checked me and gave us medicine and some things for the baby’s birth.


I think that if I had not been treated here, the baby would have been born sick, because I did not eat well, I slept on the floor, I did not take the vitamins and with this care I was able to have a healthy baby girl». Mother beneficiary of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Medical Unit.

Birgitte Lange and her team from Redd Barna, visited this space and were able to meet with several of the women beneficiaries of this health care. They were able to learn about the accompaniment provided to mothers and their children and the success stories that Save the Children Colombia professionals have achieved with the community.
«Meeting these women was wonderful, I think that knowing that we are changing their lives with our actions and our programs, is the motivation we all need to continue working. I could define the team of Colombia as passionate, committed and professional, that is the formula to obtain results at scale». Birgitte Lange, CEO Redd Barna.

During their last day in La Guajira, they also visited one of the schools targeted for the Education Cannot Wait project, of which Birgitte is part at a global level and together with Victoria Ward (Save the Children Director for Latin America) and María Paula Martínez (Director of Save the Children Colombia), they enjoyed the activities in which the children learn and strengthen their skills in math and Spanish.

«Whenever I come to Colombia, I am impressed by the capacity in which they find better ways to help children and adolescents have a better life, overcome adversity and strengthen communities to protect them. This visit was very enriching and I feel very proud of what we are achieving for Venezuelan and Colombian children. Victoria Ward, CEO Save the Children Latin America.


By: Marcela Campos

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