In times of crisis

Reading news about the economic and social crisis in Venezuela is not the same as knowing first-hand the reality of that country and of those of us who have been recipients of the Venezuelan population, such as Colombia.

This time we received a visit from Redd Barna, one of the biggest donors, partners and friends of Save the Children Colombia, with the purpose of letting them know about our actions in the territory and how with our projects we give children, adolescents and their communities the opportunity to have a better life in Colombia.

«I am very happy to be able to share this time with the team in Colombia and learn about the actions they are taking to make migrants feel at home. I am impressed by their work and the way they work with communities, because they really do change lives. Birgitte Lange, Director of Redd Barna.


The actions of the emergency response to the crisis in Venezuela are strategic and always respond to a rigorous study of the needs of the population. The communities do this analysis with a participatory approach, which ensures the sustainability of our work in the field.

«This is my fourth time in La Guajira and every time I come, I am impressed by the way the team outdoes itself and creates new ways to serve more people in a better way. The first time I came, there was only a small friendly space in a tent, today I see stable spaces, built for children, and the best thing is that the community is participating in all this social change». Victoria Ward, Save the Children’s Regional Director for Latin America.


Helping children regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion is one of our mandates, is the best way to ensure that the work we do for, and with communities is positive, empowering and safe.


By: Marcela Campos

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