With the sunrise, our mission today begins, to know the Temporary Learning Spaces, our Friendly Spaces and above all to visit the communities that have not only been beneficiaries of Save the Children’s projects, but have become allies committed to our mission.

«We will always need to help someone else, but our conviction is that the little or much we do for the communities, contributes to them achieve their dreams and break down the barriers of poverty and inequality» María Paula Martínez.

To arrive with the Save the Children t-shirt in the informal settlements is an event, for many of us are their saviors, those of us who manage to reach the Last Child and Child in the most vulnerable condition, those who, regardless of the inclement sun, the torrential rain or the dangers inherent in our work, are committed to dignity and respect for the rights of all.

Few know the people with whom we arrive today, but the communities know that they are family, that no matter how tall or blond you are, you are one more and you come to help, so they receive us with hugs, songs and smiles that indicate that we are achieving our promise «we do whatever it takes to save children”.

«I have come three times to La Guajira and I have seen the progress and achievements of our team and the communities in this area. I am impressed by the resilience of the communities we work with, because although we are helping to improve their living conditions, there will always be something more to do, but they see in us a friend who gives them a hand, with the determination that everything will be fine. Victoria Ward, during her visit to the Monte Carlos settlement.

We visited three settlements, Villa Madre laura, Torres de la Majayura and Monte Carlos, and talked to the communities that have received some kind of help from us. The testimonies of the participants of our projects show that we have a committed team that loves what it does and bets on generating positive and lasting changes in the lives of children.

«I have just arrived from Lebanon, a very distant place in Colombia, where we serve a migrant population from Syria and what I see here, this work, these people, make me appreciate my work more. The work that I’ve seen in Colombia, I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. David Wrigth.

By: Marcela Campos



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